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Felix Hidalgo: A gifted painter now almost forgotten

MANILA, Philippines — Felix Resurreccion Hidalgo (1855-1913) is acknowledged as one of the great Filipino painters of the late 19th century. If one of his paintings is available on the art market, it usually comes with a seven-figure price tag. But to say that his friend and contemporary, Juan Luna, overshadowed him is an understatement. Both won medals in the 1884 Madrid Exposition of Fine Arts, but Hidalgo and his silver medal do not quite top Luna’s gold.


Félix Resurrección Hidalgo

Félix Resurrección Hidalgo y Padilla (21 February 1855 - 13 March 1913) was a Filipino artist. He is acknowledged as one of the great Filipino painters of the late 19th century, and is significant in Philippine history for having been an acquaintance and inspiration for members of the Philippine reform movement which included José Rizal, Marcelo del Pilar, Mariano Ponce and Graciano López Jaena, although he neither involved himself directly in that movement, nor later associate himself with the First Philippine Republic under Emilio Aguinaldo.


Juan Luna

Juan Luna y Novicio (October 23, 1857 — December 7, 1899) was an Ilocano Filipino painter, sculptor and a political activist of the Philippine Revolution during the late 19th century. He became one of the first recognized Philippine artists.

His winning the gold medal in the 1884 Madrid Exposition of Fine Arts, along with the silver win of fellow Filipino painter Félix Resurrección Hidalgo, prompted a celebration which was a major highlight in the memoirs of members of the Propaganda Movement, with the fellow Ilustrados toasting to the two painters' good health and citing their win as evidence that Filipinos and Spaniards were equals.

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Questions about Juan Luna

MANILA, Philippines -- Next week, we hope people will join the National Historical Institute, the City of Manila and the Province of Ilocos Norte in celebrating or at least remembering the patriot and painter Juan Luna on his 150th birthday. I presume that everything will run smoothly, from the commemorative programs, to lectures, painting contests for children and an exhibit by members of the Art Association of the Philippines who will embark on a pilgrimage to Badoc town, paint on the spot and exhibit their work in the reconstructed birthplace of Luna.

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