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Learn the ePub

ePub Template from Apple

ePub Template from Apple

Chapter 1
Use the Chapter Number style to add a distinct chapter number at the beginning of a chapter. Chapter numbers aren’t displayed in the Table of Contents.
Chapter Name
Use the Chapter Name style to clearly label each chapter or section in your publication. Chapter names are displayed in the Table of Contents. Tapping a chapter name in the Table of Contents navigates to the corresponding chapter.
Chapter Subtitle
The Chapter Subtitle style is useful for adding more descriptive information underneath the chapter name. Chapter subtitles aren’t displayed in the Table of Contents.
Use the Heading style to break each chapter up into unique subsections. In the Table of Contents, headings are indented underneath chapter names with a distinctive look. They make is easy for readers to find and jump to specific content in your publication.
Use the Subheading style to break a topic (Heading style) into smaller parts. Subheadings aren’t displayed in the Table of Contents.
Use the Block Quote style for longer quotes. The Block Quote style will indent your text on both sides of the quote. When you’re finished typing the quote, press return on your keyboard, then choose a different style from the Styles Drawer.


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