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Reproductive Rights for Filipino Women

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Elisa - Reproductive Rights for Filipino Women

This rivetting story starts with the story of Elisa, who would have wanted only three (3) children, but ended up having with eight (8) children.

So what happened? What would have been the kind of life Elisa could have had, if she got her wish -- to have just three children?

Elisa's life story may become simply an anectode told only in this video, that will just as soon be drowned in the tens of millions videos and images already in the internet, and those yet to come.

The tragic reality is that Elisa's story is not isolated; even if each story might have their own their own unique twists and turns.

The "rosy picture" I wish for Elisa will come true, if she lives long enough to ensure her children grow up, and face the realities of life, as she did.