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Population Pyramid: The Philippines Remains a Nation of Young Filipinos

The issue of reproductive health and population control have been in the news in the Philippines recently because it brought forth many basic principles:

  • Does the individual have the right to exercise free will to think and make decisions that affect their lives?
  • What is the role of the Philippine government in improving the lives of Filipinos?
  • Should the Catholic Church meddle in poliitcal affairs of the Philippines?

Here we use the current "Population Pyramid" of the Philippines to shed more light about the population of the Philippines and how they impact the answer to the above questions.


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Facts on Barriers to Contraceptive Use In the Philippines

The review and policy paper from Guttmacher Institute (New York) and Likhaan, May 2010. provides an overview and "facts" on barriers to contraceptive use in the Philippines that became the basis of their recommendations.

One key finding that was not given as much emphasis in this paper, if at all, is a finding from a survey study in the less prosperous areas of Metro Manila and in select rural areas of the countries, that  "only 2% of the respondents who did not use contraceptive was because of the Catholic Church hierararchy's dictum on population and birth control".


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