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Sampaguita Blooms in Japan


Photograph by Wilma Mack. Sampaguita is the national flower of the Philippines, and a part of life among Filipinos. Sampaguita evokes the Filipino legend of true love -- "sumpa kita", thus the Filipino name, sampaguita.

In cities, like Manila, it is not uncommon to encounter a young boy or a girl, braving the traffic to sell a necklace of sampaguita to passing motorists and tourist. Among a number of Filipinos, especially those living in the provinces, sampaguita might have one of those plants in the garden. White flower, a symbol of purity, delicate in its scent. The essence extract used as a fragrance.

Sampaguita blooms several times a year, but requires a certain degree of warmth, sunlight and rain more typical among countries in South and Southeastern Asia.

Sampaguita would perish outdoor during winter in temperate countries, like Japan. It would require great care indoors -- light, warmth and moisture -- not only to survive the winter, and bloom the coming Spring and Summer.

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