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June Events

A full listing of the major June festivals and celebrations in the Philippines from the Philippine Department of Tourism.

June 12th is the official Independence Day of the Philippines.  Up until the mid 1960s, the "Independence Day" of the Philippines was celebrated on July 4th, a declaration by the US Congress,  ceding control of the Philippines government to Filipinos, a year after the end of Pacific War in 1945.  The rise of Philippine nationalism considered the 4th of July date as vestige of American colonialism (1898-1946 except during Japanese occupation 1941-1945).

President Diosdado Macapagal acceded to the pressure from Filipinos, and reverted back the date of Philippine Independence Day to June 12th, which was the date when the government under the first Philippine Republic President Emilio Aguinaldo decared Philippine independence from Spain.