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May Events

A full listing of the major May festivals and celebrations in the Philippines from the Philippine Department of Tourism.

April and May are the Summer vacations for schools and universities in the Philippines.  They also coincide with the harvest season of "agrarian Philippines".  A bountiful harvest usually culminate an offering the "Bathala and Anitos" worshipped by the ancestors of  of Pre-Spanish era Filipinos. In case there was a drought a given year, the offering is also part of the prayer for better harvest during the next season.

A relic of this tradition is the "Pahiyas Festival" in a number of cities in  Quezon province, more notably Lucban, Quezon.

Capitalizing on this "harvest offering" tradition among "Pre-Spanish Era" Filipinos, the Friars channeled this tradition to offering the gifts to the patron saint of a given barangey, city/ town or province. Ther "fiesta" (feast) usually is commerated around the birthdate of the patron saint which then varied the specific date of the "fiesta" in various barangeys, cities/ towns and provinces throughout the country.