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Lutong Pinoy : Filipino Cuisine

The Pansit Gallery [Photos by MVI (Shubert Ciencia)]

Pansit  (Asian noodles) is integral part of quite a number of Filipino cuisines. both eaten daily and in almost all festive  occasions (birthdays, weddings, fiestas, family gatherings, meetings, outings, picnics, etc.) and other gatherings (e.g., meals during wake).

Included here are  just a sampling of the images of Noodles-based food collection by MVI (Shubert L. Ciencia). One of his passions, aside from his main churches, is pansit (Asian noodles).

Schubert was lucky enough to be in a job where he could travel quite a bit, quite extensively in the Philippines, and sometimes also in other parts of the world. His collection pansit images provide us a glimpse of the varied ways how various pansit cuisines are prepared in many part of the Philippines.

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