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The Pansit Gallery [Photos by MVI (Shubert Ciencia)]

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Pansit  (Asian noodles) is integral part of quite a number of Filipino cuisines. both eaten daily and in almost all festive occasions (birthdays, weddings, fiestas, family gatherings, meetings, outings, picnics, etc.) and other gatherings (e.g., meals during wake).

Pansit could be one of the main course of a meal, or it could be eaten also during snacks. [Many Filipinos eat three full meals (breakfast, lunch and supper, and also have snacks in-between meals, and sometimes before late at night.]

Included here are  just a sampling of the images of Noodles-based food collection by MVI (Shubert L. Ciencia). One of his passions, aside from his main churches, is pansit (Asian noodles).

Schubert was lucky enough to be in a job where he could travel quite a bit, quite extensively in the Philippines, and sometimes also in other parts of the world. His collection pansit images provide us a glimpse of the varied ways how various pansit cuisines are prepared in many part of the Philippines.  [His pansit collection from other countries was not included here.]

The Morning After

Nothing beats a piping hot bowl of Nissins instant noodles creamed with beaten egg the morning after Christmas. It will certainly blow away a nasty hang-over, soothe the "nangangasim na sikmura", and cure the inadequacy of sleep. That's at least for me. This bowl is for my ading sepia_eye. Blogged at Hail to the Mami!.

Nikon D40 (Christmas Day +1, December 2009)



Sopas Ilocos

My sister-in-law who just arrived from a long trip in the Ilocos Region cooked this recipe for her pamangkins. I had this plate and I though it was a super comfort food. And a bowl for highlimitzz” too who has been waiting for some pansit. :-D

Nikon D40 (December 2009


Fiesta Pansit (Talavera, Nueva Ecija)

Nikon D40 (Model Lodge No. 373 "Operation Tuli", May 2010)
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Seafood Canton (Lingayen, Pangasinan)

A generous topping for its seafood canton made up for the lousy service of Hotel Consuelo's waiters during a function in its pavilion.

Nikon D40 (Moises J. De Guzman Memorial Lodge No. 161 50th Public Installation of Officers, February 2010)



Japinoy Snack

Pansit Malabon, barbikyu, putong puti, bibingkang kanin.



Her Spaghetti

Her spaghetti is to die for. Blogged at Our Pansit and at In His Father’s Shoes.



Double (Banaue, Ifugao)

Bihon-Canton from the Las Vegas Lodge and Restaurant in Banaue. One for Balong, one for me. :-D

Nikon D40 (SITMO Project Meeting, May 2010)



Lunch (Kiangan, Ifugao)

Blogged at Vignette IV: A Tale of 2 Pansits in "Shooting Churches, Eating Noodles".

Nikon D40 (MVI 2010 Archive)



Pansit Cabagan (Bagabag, Nueva Vizcaya)

The soup is too thin, there's fried pork chop instead of bagnet, and the sliced chicken egg is a poor substitute for whole quail's egg. Indeed, Bagabag’s pansit cabagan tastes like a Louis Vuitton bag in Divisoria, fake leather with a stolen famous name...



Nikon D40 (PRRM-ASDW Project Validation Visit, February 2010)

Bihon Quickie

I was surprised by the subtle flavors of this packed bihon served at the Philippine Rice Research Institute. It came in a recyclable box too. :-D

Nikon D40 (KOOL NE 9th General Assembly, January 2010)


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