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SURF&ROCK / Miguel Navaza from Spain

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Miguel has visited the Philippines several times. He loves sufing or at least taking photos as evidenced by his extensive sets about the growing surfing adventure in Siagao.  Apart from Siargao, he also visited other notable places especially in the Southern Philippines and the Bicol region to have a personal look at our very active Mount Mayon.

Best of Siargao Surfing, Feb-2010)


very good action surfing images in Siargao.

15 photos archived


Cloud 9, Filipinas (23-02-2010)


62 photos


Siargao (Filipinas) 21-02-2010


71 photos

Scenic photos of the Siargao islands, surfers and gears and of course, more surfing.


Stimpy´s with the Siargao in Crew (16-02-2010)


5 photos


Siargao, Filipinas, Jan 2010


Local scenery, people, surfers, surfing.

298 photos


Siargao Surfing. 17-03-2010


Action sufing photos in Siargao.  Include in a few in Spotlight and Explore, as well as Siargao.

128 photos



Bohol, Filipinas. Diciembre 2009


92 photos


Mayon Volcano, Legazpi, Filipinas

by SURF&ROCK (Miguel Navaza)  / Miguel Navaza from Spain

items are from between 31 Dec 2009 & 01 Jan 2010



42 photos

large and original sizes. CC and now copyright or watermark

This photo was taken on December 31, 2009 in Camalig, Bicol Region, using a Canon EOS 350D Digital.

Cebú,Philippines Dec 2009


Local scenery, people and some buildings of curiosity.

Cebú - Filipinas

54 photos | 30 views

items are from between 02 Dec 2009 & 03 Dec 2009.



Sinolog 2010, Cebu


Sinolog celebration 2010

Very good portraiture of Sinulog participants and viewers.

18 photos | 48 views

items are from 17 Jan 2010.


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