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Ludong : Lobed river mullet, Cestraeus plicatili

Ludong (Ilocano) [Lobed river mullet, Cestraeus plicatilis] is a freshwater mullet that is endemic to Cagayan River and tributaries extending through the watersheds of Cagayan Valley and the Santa-Abra River Systems of Ilocos Sur and Abra in the Philippines. Ludong is rapidly diminishing in number becayse of a number of factors -- overfishing (including the historical use of "pabamto" (a homemade explosive concoction), poison, and electric rods), deforestation that leads to destruction of pristine habitat needed for egg-laying in the mountain streeams that feed the Cagayan River, Pinacanauan River and other tributaries in Cagayan Valley), the impact of rapid population growth  and the rather lax implementation of fishing laws meant to protect fish and other natural resources.  As a result, "Ludong" is facing extinction, according to the Philippine Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR).

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